Peony seeds have two major purposes:

Peony seeds can cultivate for peony seedlings. The use of cultivating peony seeds is to create new variety, which will get higher and preferable variety on color, germination rate, rate of survival and superior quality.

peony seeds drying field

Peony seeds can be used for squeezing peony oil, this is a new and great discovery for healthy food field. The paeonia rockii oil extraction rate can reach 26%, higher than Chinese tree peony that only have 20%, also, the output is huge. The nutrition of peony oil is amazing.α-linolenic acid content reaches 49%, even higher than olive oil. This is an important discovery for healthy food oil. For babies, it can help them promote brain development, build up resistance to disease. To adults, this can activate blood vessel and prevent from ”Three highs” that is high blood pressure, hyperlipaemia and high cholesterol.

2013 fresh peony seeds

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tree peony seeds

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