I am writing to recommend Rockii Peony Seedlings to you. 3220 plants of Rockii Seedlings were shipped to Moscow, Russia and 50,000 Rockii Seedlings to Guernsey, UK in 2014. They were turned out to be the best seller in European market and going to successively occupy market in 2015.

 Why Rockii Seedlings are so popular?

1.  Rockii Seedlings are as strong as grafted rockii peonies, cold-resistant, drought-resistant & disease-resistant, surviving -43℃.  It is accord with Russian geographic environment.

2.  Rockii Seedlings are even cheaper, US $3.5 per plant. For large quantity, the competitive price will be offered.

3.  Rockii Seedlings are easy to grow and manage even for beginners, with high survival rate, also suitable for pot flowers & gift.

 Rockii Seedlings are mixed without color & variety distinction.

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