Lianying Wang is the chairman of China Herbaceous Peony Association, outstanding flower arranging artist and the main designer of flowers used for awards in 2008 Olympic Games. She is also the Professor at Beijing Forestry University, School of Landscape, and doctoral tutor.

Professor Wang do a wide range of scientific researches, she paid attention to the researches of both the basic theory and production practice and landscape application. She has done lots of cytology and molecular biology researches about Chinese famous flowers, such as daffodils, dahlias, tuberose, China aster, peony, herbaceous peony, and so on. And she hosted the NNSF of China. In order to solve the problems of the peony production process, she actively led the postgraduates and got the native floral growers together to do important researches about Peony Soilless Culture, Making Cut Herbaceous Peony Fresh Technique, Peony Forcing Technique in Greenhouse and Rejuvenation Culture, and the Peony Flowering Mechanism in autumn.

She has organized and edited many books and documents related to tree peony and herbaceous peony such as The Genome Research on Peony and Cultivars, Observation and Analysis of Causes in Peony Flower Buds Form of Differentiation, Chinese Peony Varieties Map, and so on. The CHINESE TREE PEONY which is honored as the ‘Bible’ for peony by England peony specialist.

She has been long-term guiding the peony development research work in Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry Ltd. Every year she comes and Identifies of new rockii peony varieties in Zhongchuan Peony Nursery. “The Rockii Peony is rare and precious, it is easier growing than normal peonies, and the rockii peony is rich in more nutrition,” she said.