Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry Ltd. is founded in 1993 which is devoted to be the most professional exporter of peony plants in China. Experiencing and toughening in horticulture and landscape for 20 years, we have tasted a lot of hardships and difficulties, and have harvested much happiness as well. Now, we can stand the frontier of Chinese Horticulture to build a green and wonderful home with you!

The 133.33 hectare of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery is our strong supporter. And we have authoritative domain knowledge and excellent partners which are gleaned from twenty years of accumulation. More importantly, the experience of exporting peony plants for 10 years made us have the most professional technology of plants package for increasing the rate of customs clearance. “Either do e-commerce or do nothing in 21 century. If you miss the e-commerce now, you miss a whole age instead of a chance,” Bill Gates said. So, today we passed twenty years of cold winters, we would like to introduce ourselves in a new way – constructing the which is the first website exporting plants in China.

Couldn’t find good suppliers when you want to purchase plants in China? Have to purchase in different places when you want to purchase several different varieties of plants?  Is the price too high when you find the exact plants you want?  And so forth. All of those problems once have bothered you. Now, they are settled by us, We will collect the high quality plants in china, to meet your demand of various good plants. We will strictly pack the plants according to different requirements of different countries. You don’t have to go to different places. And you don’t have to worry about the price. Just click the button “add to cart” on, you’ll get all plants you want. Guarantee:

High quality and low price. Target:

To build a communication bridge for you----“Green Channel” of plants export in China. No One's going to be professional like me! advantages:

1. 133.33 hectare of plants nursery, guarantee a great variety of plants and sufficient stock.

2. 20-year experience in horticulture; investigate deeply the marketing information of plants in China; familiar with the distribution of plants market in China; high quality and sufficient stock.

3. 10-year export experience; complete export trade flow; keep the quality of every plant under control; washed, disinfected and packed by technicians carefully to preserve the rate of survival and custom clearance of plants.

4. Participate in international flower exhibition abroad for 6 years, and get familiar with the international flower industry.

5. The authority of Paeonia Rockii in the world, abundant varieties and unique resource.

6. Guided by professors from Chinese Herbaceous Peony Association, guarantee the varieties and leading planting technology.

7. Consistent choice of over 1000 clients around the world. will become the paradise of global plants purchasers, the most reliable supplier of global plants distributers. From now on, just easy it is to purchase plants from China. Take it, it’s China Plants!

Such a group of people will provide the best service for you. They don’t have gorgeous appearance, but have intelligent brain. They don’t have exaggerated language, but have attentive service. They are not separate individuals, but a team full of youth, passion, wisdom and self-motivated blood.  They match the international standards with the most Chinese style. They communicate with customers with the most sincere words. They are the most professional plants suppliers for you in China.

To solve problems and create value for you, being our core values.

We advocate:

Working Philosophy: customer-oriented, solve problems, and to prove ourselves by the outcome!

Role Definition:I am the dancer on the stage, absolutely not an audience who watching others performing and criticizing from head to foot! I am a manager solving the problems, and I will be responsible for the results.

Working Arrangement: bring up the result of the target task + time node = work arrangement.

Working Mentality: have a positive and happy motivated heart!

Working Style: instant communication to solve the problems.

We hope to createa plant seedlings exporting biosphere” with you. We provide good services for you and solve your problems. Meanwhile, you create value for us - increasing profitability. On the other hand, our employees can realize their value and to win the future. Eventually, form a harmonious, win-win and common development situation. We speak for ourselves, and the great quality of China plants.