Qianlong Zhao was born in Lintao country, Gansu in February 1948, and graduated from forestry school in Gansu province in 1967. He is the deputy secretary of Chinese Herbaceous Peony Association, the general manager of Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry LTD.(formerly known as "Lanzhou Peony Horticulture Co.). He has successively held the posts of manager of Dongshan afforestation station in Lintao country, forestry engineer, director of the arboretum in Lanzhou, director of the China northwest herbaceous peony gene pool construction project and senior engineer. He gained great achievements in the domain of drought afforestation of barren hills, landscaping, bulbous flower research, and endangered plants protection and drought-resistant plant species, and published lots of research papers. One of them is Tang Calamus Cutting Flowers which won gold medal in the fourth China Flower Expo. The Chinese Tree Peony and Herbaceous Peony won third prize in the 5th China Flower Expo, and won the scientific and technological progress award in the Gansu province.                                              

Qianlong Zhao argued that the Chinese peony predecessors and contemporary experts Lianying Wang, Jiajue Li, Kuijie Qin and grass-roots workers have made great contribution to the Chinese peony career about scientific research and production. Underdeveloped economy and backward area in the northwest of China, resulted in the scientific research condition is not very mature, but, if collected the contribution, and popularization and application, we will make the achievement flourished. Especially, if we worked with the spirit of "promote the hardy Gansu Rockii Peony to the northern China " which is advocated by the Chinese Herbaceous Peony Association, it would get good result, also don't live up to the expectations of the experts. Therefore, if the people lived in north China where the weather is cold and it accounts for one-third of the territory can enjoy the elegant and beautiful peonies, it would prove the meaning of the national flower peony. All of these are the real work he did, are also a great contribution to the development of peony.

It is believed that the traditional Chinese peony can’t grow in area pass the “line” (Shanhai pass, the Great Wall) in the domestic, and cannot survive in foreign cold area. Gansu rockii peony is a miracle which is hidden in the mountains people did not understand for a long time. Because of its special cold-resistance, and after unremitting efforts by Qianlong Zhao for more than 10 years, collecting a large amount of wild varieties, finally he built the 133 hectare of Gansu Zhongcuan peony Nursery near the Lanzhou Zhongchuan airport where it has very cold climate. Have 500 peony varieties, more than 200 herbaceous peony varieties in there. At the same time, Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has set up many Gansu rockii peony garden in Changchun, Shenyang, Harbin and other places in northeast China. And he organized technical backbone to promote the technology in Inner Mongolia Hohhot, Baotou, Ningxia, Sinkiang and other places in China. All of these have proved that Gansu rockii peony not only grown very well but also showed strong adaptability in northeast China, Inner Mongolia, Sinkiang, and so on where the traditional peony cannot survive in winter without artificial protection, and completely changed the history that peony can’t survive in the cold region in north of China. Make the limit optimum temperature for growing peony change from minus 22 degrees to minus 39 degrees, boost the latitude from 51 degrees north latitude to 40 degrees, spread the area to plant Chinese peony doubled in size. He is known as "the first person to promote the peony to the northeast of China ". Under his lead, Gansu rockii peony began to introduce to the cold regions and get more and more popular around the world.

In order to make the Gansu rockii peony which is the national protection plant level 3 can quickly get the protection and propagation; he undertook the projects to construct "northwest Chinese herbaceous peony gene pool" designated by the state forestry administration. Under his organization, technical staff used the new grafting technology to breed peonies which make Gansu peony varieties factory breeding come true, and greatly improve the quality of the commercialization. The annual output of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery is 100000 grafted peony plants and 300000 peony seedlings, which relieved the contradiction that the good Gansu rockii peony plants is in urgent need both at home and abroad. The exports was increasing steadily year after year.

Under his organization, the Gansu rockii peony website was created. It has the most complete and the highest technical content about rockii peony.

He is indisputable. His goal is to make Chinese national flower peony bloom in motherland. More importantly, let the Gansu rockii peony bloom all over the world.