Rose trees have grown 2 or 3years, the diameter is 0.33' - 0.66'. Most of them have long trunk and numerous rose flowers. All rose trees have good tree form after the agrotechnical personnel carefully watered, pruned and maintained. The color is unusual. They must be the outstanding plants in your garden.

chinese rose tree

Chinese rose trees are famous for major three characters:

Have a good vision effect. They have special shape and distinct layer, refreshing in visual experience. They remain diverse shapes, strong fragrance and long period of flower blooming, so they have higher ornamental value.

As street trees, it can be planted in greenbelt including park, beauty spot and residential courtyard. They can also be planted in the grass to highlight the whole visual effects, they can also cultivated as pot culture which will create special scene.

They are well-adapted, corolla of Chinese rose trees are far away from ground, so they are not prone to infect plant diseases and insect pests in soil.

Other excellent features: large amount of flowers, cold-resistance, longevity, strong vitality.

 pink chinese rose tree

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