Chinese tree peonies can live more than a hundred years if you take good care of them. There are seven hundred years old tree peonies in China. Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry Ltd. is specialized in Chinese tree peony. providing all kinds of Chinese peonies and tree peonies. They are fragrant, longevial and rare, which can reach 1-2M. Good for ornamental, landscape design and gardening. Tree peonies are also suited for cut flowers, let our beautiful peonies light up your life!

Chinese Tree Peony Peach Blossom in Winter Snow-Xue Ying Tao Hua

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Xue Ying Tao Hua , this kind of peony is a semi-double tree peony. The color is peach blossom and dark pink at the stamens fading to pale. The foliage is even attractive when not in flower. One of the top-grade tree peonies!

Chinese Tree Peony Silver Red- Yin Hong Qiao Dui

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The silver red color is brilliant compared with other pink varieties. It is flower many and growing rigorously and tolerant of disease. The bright pink red petal makes it a little Translucent and charming. Peonies is pet free and easy grow, so what are you waiting for?

Chinese Tree Peony Neon Magic Color- Ni Hong Huan Cai

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Ni Hong Huan Cai, Petals are multi-whorled, arranged regularly, dark purple basal blotches and light greenish colored petals in the center. Hundred proliferate form. Flowers size 15cm x 7cm; upright or lateral; delicate fragrance. Choose a site carefully, as these plants develop enormous roots and are difficult to transplant. Once established, they live for decades.

Chinese Tree Peony Colorful Print- Cai Hui

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Cai Hui, which means Brightly Colored Painting, is a fragrant, showy pink peony. Cai Hui flowers early and features soft, pink flowers. It with stems is strong enough to hold up its own, heavy heads. This traditional peony is the new variety in 2013 catalogue.

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