medicinal peony

For several days I was close to rockii peony. I have got much information about these lively plants, enjoying my life accompanied with all kinds of peonies. Indeed, like other species flowers, rockii peony plays a role of nature’s gift for our human beings, though not as the corn to eat, peony’s beauty and fragrance enter people’s temperament, bringing great spiritual enjoyment.

Obviously, rockii peony has many good qualities which make it become the king of flowers, meanwhile, peony not only beautiful and rare but also hard, cold-resistant and drought-resistant which are the major features of China traditional peony.

Rockii peony is not only famous for its outer beauty, but also of great medicinal value. For instance, peony stems and leaves can treat blood stasis, flowers available for viewing. They are around us everywhere. Its root can be used as Chinese traditional medicine, which is also called paeonol. Good effects can be shown after adding the roots in the medicine, like treating high blood pressure, V heat, heat stasis, swelling, etc., especially, showing obvious effect on high pressure.

At present, rockii peony is famous all over the world, “Celestial beauty, the king of flowers”. There are many beauty words to praise “best” of the rockii peony.