* Copper is a fungicide and acts to preserve the water from too many yeasts and fungi.

 * Aspirin is an acid and helps to kill bacteria overgrowth.

 * Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice or vinegar to 1 quart of water. The idea here is the same as with aspirin, since lemon juice and vinegar are acidic.

/multi-color herbaceous peony perennial

Other Guidelines To Keep Fresh Flowers Fresh

 * Place cut peony flowers in cold water, not warm! Warm water dehydrates flowers.

 * Placing cut peony flowers in the refrigerator for six hours before arranging them will triple their lifespan.

 * Hot water–up to 110-200 F–is recommended to restore very wilted flowers (the hotter water is for the more wilted flowers).

 * Except for when you are cooling flowers, when you want cold water to cover the stems of the flowers, there is no need to have the water go higher on the stems then six inches.

 * Recut the stems every few days.

 * Remove all leaves and foliage below the water line

paeonia lactiflora cut flower.

Fresh cut flowers have become an essential part of our life. Every day we are busy with work, social activities, life, etc. We expect a way to release all troubles and pressure and feel the peace of inner mind. So the power of flowers becomes more and more strong. Flowers can not only decorate the houses and gardens, but also their fragrance can make us relax. So go and buy your fresh cut flowers, add some fresh and easy atmosphere in your life!

fragrant herbaceous flower gardening

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herbaceous peony plants