With the development of society, people seek higher quality life. No matter the aspect of clothes and surroundings to live, now the aspect of diet attracts more attention. People called it nutritious food. So I think you have interest to know about the 2013 new resources food – peony oil. Peony is always used for gardening, landscape design and indoor decoration. Now its nutritive value is explored gradually.

peony seed oil

Peony oil is the green and organic food- liquid DHA

²  α- linoleic acid content reach 49%

²  lower blood lipids and blood pressure, enhance immunity and anti-aging

The best edible oil around the world. Although peony oil has many benefits, the oil peony plants growing area is lacking. So go and grasp the opportunity to grow oil peony plants!

oil peony seedings;

Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has selected 2 varieties of peonies from 250 top quality paeonia rockii plants. Not all the rockii peony plants can used to be oil peony plants! Now 30000 oil peony plants are supplied on China-Plants.com, 2yrs old, strong peony roots. Peony not only can be used as ornamental plants, but also have high economic value. In all respects, grow oil peony plants and harvest bonus!

oil peony seeds