All the Jpanese tree peonies have 2 or 3 branches and strong peony roots here. The color are special, flower are large and light fragrance. 10-year export experience; complete export trade flow, keep the quality of every plant under control; washed, disinfected and packed by technicians carefully to preserve the rate of survival and custom clearance of plants.

Japanese tree peony has special characters: longevity, easy growing, strong fragrance, clean-air and brilliant color. I’ll show you some hot sale varieties. They play a perfect role on cut flower, pot culture, home decoration and garden design.

Japanese tree peony - Kinkaku

Rare colorful imperial tree peonies named Kinkaku from the orient – the finest quality available! Every garden needs it to extend your peony flowering.

japanese tree peony Kinkaku

Japanese tree peony - High Noon

High noon is an excellent grower and is a free-bloomer. The huge, ruffled, satin-like flowers are magnificent and the plant is super hardy!

japanese tree peony high noon

Japanese tree peony - Shima-Nishiki

Shima-Nishiki is a tree peony. It is a multi-stemmed, deciduous, woody shrub that typically grows to 3-4' tall and as wide. Upward facing, mildly fragrant, semi-double flowers are purplish-red with prominent white striping. Yellow center stamens provide excellent contrast. Flowers bloom in early spring. Medium green foliage is deeply divided into oval to lance-shaped leaflets. Foliage remains attractive throughout the growing season. No fall color. Shima-Nishiki means fire flame in Japanese.

japanese tree peony Shima-nishiki

Other varieties include: Taiyo, Ri Yue , Kinko,  Kao, Hatsugarasu. You can find them on Our aim is “To build a communication bridge for international customer----‘Green Channel’of plants export from China. No One's going to be professional like us!”


Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has been focusing on peony export for 10 years. It has more than 160 hectare of peony base and sells all kinds of top-quality peonies. Based on our years of experience in planting peonies, the best time of growing peonies in the region between 37° and 47°north latitude is from August to October each year, and for those cold areas such asMoscow andFinland, the best planting period is from August 20 to September 15 in autumn.

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