Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery has been focusing on peony export for ten years. It has more than 160 hectare of peony base and sells all kinds of top-quality peonies. Based on our years of experience in planting peonies, the best time of growing peonies in the region between 37° and 47°north latitude is from August to October each year, and for those cold areas such as Moscow and Finland, the best planting period is from August 20 to September 15 in autumn.

Japanese tree peony seedings

Today, I mainly share the Japanese tree peony planting information.

Japanese tree peonies prefer sheltered locations with full or dappled sunlight and soil that is cool, porous, moist and fertile.

japanese peony high noon

In late spring to summer, mature Japanese peony plants produce enormous bowl-shaped peony flowers, with large crepe paper-like petals, which are much larger than those of standard herbaceous peonies.

Japanese tree peony Kinkaku

In this autumn, 200000 Japanese tree peonies are supplied; the highest discount is 10%! A wide range of varieties, such as High Noon, Kao, Kinkaku, Shima-nishiki and Taiyo and so on. 2-3 branches are popular. First come, first served. More preferential information, go and visit