2 major functions of Paeonia Rockii Seeds:

Breed Seedlings. The use of sowing peony seeds is to breed new cultivars which is called Rockii seedlings. White, pink and blue seedlings will got with its growth.

Extract Oil. This is a new and great invention of Paeonia Rockii Seeds. According to research data, the rate of oil content of peony seeds is over 22%; α-linolenic acid content reaches to 49%; Unsaturated fattyacid is higher than 92.7%.

Every part of Paeonia Rockii Seeds can be made to different products with specific functions. Whole body of seeds are used for Extract Oil which is even more healthy than vegetable seed oil; Seed coat is used for flavonoid which works well in Blood Circulation and Lowering Cholesterol; The pod of seeds is used for Tree Peony Polysaccharide which enhances the immune capacity, etc.

2015 New Paeonia Rockii Seeds will start selling at the end of August. 
Pre-order is picking up steam.