Li Jiajue, plants researcher, was born in 1938, Jiahe County of Hunan Province. In 1965 he graduated from Beijing Forestry College, specialty of gardening plants.

He has published consecutively more than 40 papers such as The Origin of Chinese Peony, Taxonomic Study of Yellow Peony Flower and The Impact of Moisture Control on Plum Growth and Flower Bud Differentiation etc. Authored or co-authored articles (editor-in-chief or deputy chief editor) are Chinese peony and Herbaceous Peony, Linxia Peony, Reforestation of the Loess Plateau, Gansu Forestry, Gansu Poplar. He participated in a series of other important works like Chinese Peony Varieties-Map, Encyclopedia of Agriculture: Horticulture, Heritage of Ornamental Plant Breeding, Manual of Agricultural Well-Off, and Dictionary of Gansu.

He is the peony specialist of Zhongchuan Peony Nursery, directing the development of peony research. He also was paying attention to the bred of rockii peonies.