Now we have improved a new sowing skill of rockii seeds, we would like to share the information with you.

Firstly, soaking the seeds in water for 3 days, and then start the freezing one month, and then thawed;

Secondly, freezing the seeds for one week and then thawing, about2days  

Thirdly, freezing the seeds for one week, and then thawing, about2days

plant peony from seeds

After soaking and the three cycles of freezing and thawing, breaking the planting period of dormancy, and then planted in seed germination be quicker,

After soaked and frozen/thawed the peony seeds three times, you can grow them in the sand, if you can do this in fall, they will germinate in next spring, or if you do this in spring, they will germinate in spring, not waiting to the second spring. before sowing seeds, you can fed some organic fertilizer in the land, soil and organic fertilizer mixing symmetry, surface leveling, and then sowing the seeds inside, then covered with some sand and pouring some water to the soil and keep it wet. Then you can use the plastic film to cover the soil to preserve moisture.

When the seeds set the new shoot, you can divide them one by one for the distance.

As we also use this skills to sowing our seeds in our nursery. Like this way, sowing the seeds this fall, next spring the seed can sprout out, and the germination percentage is much higher than traditional skills, or the seeds will be sprout in the second spring, so we can save one year time.