People have very familiar with olive oil, which is especially developed in Europe. By contrast research, peony seeds oil is more mellow than olive oil. More important, peony seeds oil has higher nutrient content.

After several years research, Zhongchuan Peony Research Institution found that unsaturated fattyacid can reach 92%, including oleic acid, linoleic acid and linolenic acid, and so on. Specially, the α-linolenic acid content reaches 49%, which is the 40 times higher than olive oil.

Linolenic acid is essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that can’t be synthesized by body itself and the other nutrients; it must rely on diet to get. If people lack linolenic acid, it could cause human lipid metabolism disorder, result in lowered immunity, forgetfulness, fatigue, vision loss, atherosclerosis and other symptoms.

To allow more people to enjoy this high-end edible oil, the Chinese government has issued a document to promote the cultivation of oil peony plants in China.

peny seeds oil