Zheng Aixia (Sophia)-- the Deputy General Manager of Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry Ltd., and the Manager of Gansu Zhongchuan Green Seedlings Base.

She is an elegant and Intellectual lady. She advocates the concept of “on the way”. "on the way is the voice in my heart; on the way for the people who accompany me; on the way is a long journey in my life". She keeps studying every day since she was engaged in the plants and flower industry. I have to say she is a diligent woman. We call her “superwoman” in office, because she is capable. But she is a virtuous wife who can make a rich and delicious dinner. Maybe, when you came to Gansu China, she will cook for you.

She has devoted in the promotion of Peony Flower Breeding and the technology of Green Seedlings Cultivation for 17 years, and she also has a deep knowledge in flower arranging. Her cut flowers worksTang Calamus” won the gold award in the 4th China Flower Expo; Cut flowers works " Lover's Honeyed Words in Network" won bronze award in the 99th Kunming World Horticultural Exposition; Cut flowers works "Gansu Ornamental Lily" won gold prize in the first Fruit Products Exhibition Fair in Gansu province; Cut flowers works "Red Fruits and Colorful Flowers" won bronze award in the first Fruit Products Exhibition Fair in Gansu province. She made a great contribution to promote the development of the flower arrangement, and she has trained a batch of flower arranging proficient in Gansu province.

To further open the international market, she led a team to participate the Netherlands International Horticultural Exhibition of Flowers in 2006 and 2007. She has visited many European flower enterprises, and learned the concept of advanced technology and management of industries, all her effort greatly expanded our company’s international business. She plays an important role in pushing the Gansu Rockii Peony to the rest of the world. Her dream is to make beautiful Gansu Paeonia Rockii blossom in all cold area around word! Now her dream is shining.