Because  of the benefits of peony seeds oil, more and more growers to plant oil peony plants. As a professional oil peony grower I have to share the planting technology of oil peony plants. Hope you have a wonderful harvest!

1. Planting time:From March 20 to April 5 in Spring, From August 10th to 10th of September in autumn.

2. Planting Density

Wide-and narrow-row planting is used for irrigable land. The extended line width is 60cm. The narrowed line width is 40cm. While the space between plants distance is 40cm. The density is 3000-3330 plants per Mu (=0.0667 hectares).

The same line spacing planting is used for sloping- dry land. The space between lines is 50 cm and between plants distance is 40 cm. The density is 3000-3330 plants per Mu (=0.0667 hectares).

3. Seedling selection: choose the seedling of 1 to 4 years, white single rockii peony bare root of high seed-set rate, robust branches, on plant diseases and insect pests, plump terminal and lateral bud, no mechanical damage

4. Planting Method

We use hole-method for planting. Planting hole diameter is 30cm while depth is 40cm. Put 150g cured and fine organic fertilizer. Fully mix the fertilizer and the soil. Then put the plant in the middle of the hole. When 20cm soil is filled back, lifting the plant slowly which can stretch the plant roots. Keep the plant where is 2cm above the root has the same level with ground. Then tamp soil around roots. Covers soil again until leveled with the ground.

5. Water: Timely watering roots after planting. Loosen the soil after water penetration on the surface of the earth around to prevent the harden evaporation

6. Field Management

Loosen the Soil and Hoeing

Loosen the soil and hoeing 3 to 4 times every year. Fertilize and do deep tillage one time from the third year.

Fertilize and Water

Do deep tillage with hole or circle fertilization every October. Fertilize 100gk cake fertilizer. Water 2 to 3 times according soil moisture.


Prune plants twice a year. Prune dry twigs and bud germination near roots in spring pruning. Prune dry twigs in the top and water sprout which affect plants growing before winter comes.

Picking: there are flowers picking and seed collecting. Flowers to extract the essential oil and seed extract seed oil.

Flowers Picking:

Seedling into flowering stage, you must pick flowers of plants with too much flowers, to promote increase focus on nutrition spikelet fertility, avoid dumb seeds phenomenon, picking flowers in a timely manner through the distillation abstract peony flavors and fragrances.

Seed Collecting: Seed mature in mid-August, as the timely picking, when picked forbidden to damage the shoots, which influence on flowering plant growth in the coming year, generally it would be best pick the fruit with Shear.

7. Pest Control

Usually there is no pest with rockii peony growing in Gansu. The item is regards as green or organic food, which is strictly prohibiting from Inorganic pesticides and fertilizers. If there are pests, light traps should be used. And biopesticide for some underground pests prevention.