Section two:

Before planting:

When you get the peony plants, pls do as follows(all the steps should be done in the shade. Do not put the plants under the sun) :

a)      Moss off: shake off the moss packed on the peony plant.

b)      Cut the injury: cut the injury of plant caused by loading and unloading in transport. Attention! The cutting section should be less than 20% of the root.

c)      Disinfect: Soak the peony root in water added disinfectant about 20 minutes, like Carbendazim or Chlorothalonil(concentration should be made according to the sales instructions).

d)      Top buds off: according to the quality of plants, top wizened buds can be entwisted by hands.

e)      Washing: wash the peony root with clean water.


Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Nursery