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Northwest China is the birthplace of peony rockii, they have big flower, flamboyant color, strong fragrance, various shape; thick, smooth, and delicate petals. The most important thing is that they can live through the winter without any artificial protections. In order to bring the nice peony to more areas, I will recommend for everyone several peonies plants in the promotion.

Pink rockii peony Peach Blossom Face - Ren Mian Tao Hua

pink rockii peony plants

The typical single form pink rockii peony is popular among the peony lovers. It has beautiful and sweet dense scent blossoms that are highly recommended. The big pink petals are like beauty’s face, very eye-catching and appealing.

White paeonia rockii Contribute In Selflessness- Wu Si Feng Xian

grafted rockii peony

The white single flower rockii peony, obvious black speckle, just like a selfless dedication of the people, under the petal, it’s also black color and strong. These striking blossoms draw in admirers from near and far, and contribute to this cultivar’s popularity. Distinctive long-lived and cold resitant.

White rockii tree peony Grande Dame-Gui Fu Ren

white rockii peony

This is an eye-catching and distinctive rockii peony, the flower is a striking white color with beautiful red speckle that are slightly bright in color. Excellent for arrangements with good vase life, limited quantities.

White rockii peony Scholar Holding Chinese ink-Shu Sheng Peng Mo

paeonia rockii peony

If you look for a compact rockii tree peony with beautiful white flowers, it is hard to beat this perennial favorite tree peony that puts on a dazzling display in the spring for all to enioy.

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