While the range of flower types is extensive, one thing remains the same: Roses are an overall extremely beautiful group of plants – and cherished by many throughout the world. From fragrance to color, size to habit, there’s definitely a rose out there for your gardening!


pink climber rose

Bush roses are one of the most gardening roses; they are grown for their single, large, long-stemmed blooms. They’re not the easiest roses to grow and often lack fragrance, but they’ll bloom repeatedly throughout summer. Bush roses come in four types:

Floribundas offer flowers that occur in clusters.

Hybrid teas are long-stemmed roses that look like the classic florist’s roses.

Grandifloras are long-stemmed roses with medium-large flowers. (They’re a cross between hybrid teas and floribundas.)

Polyanthas are small bushes growing only about 3 feet tall and are covered with clusters of small flowers. They bloom throughout the summer and are good for containers.

china rose

In addition to these, climbers rose are also a perfect choice. This one really explains itself. Climbing roses have to be attached to their support structure using twist ties, wires or the like. They’re available in every color and range of petal numbers. Use them on arbors or to hide the ugly side of the tool shed.

ros shrub

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