Peony plants thrive in a variety of environments as well. Peonies plants for sale come in a variety of colors, like red, pink, yellow, white, black, multicolor and purple.

I'd like to recommend Paeonia Rockii for friends, because  Rockii Peony is the featured plant in; it is also the special peony in the normal peony group. 95% paeonia rockii is originally produced from Gansu China. The most important thing that Rockii Peony has the characteristics of cold resistance, drought resistance, salt, and survival under -43℃. Because of these features, you can spend less cost, and gain more benefits. Even in the cold winter, Rockii Peony can live better without any protective measures. For wholesalers and distributors, Rockii Peony is a good choice and investment project (provide oil peony seedlings).

supply oil peony plants

More Rockii Peony Project  (supply oil peony seedlings ) details, cost and income, welcome to or by , According to your local climate environment, Zhongchuan Peony Nursery will glad to help you to make the best investment plan.