Dear Irene,

I am just making lunchtime and study the news.

I read, that you had an earthquake in Gansu this morning.

Now I must enquire at once, whether you are alright or if something happened to you !

At the moment, in our garden the daylilies are blossoming ( look at the picture in the attachement). The most of them I have breeded myself by seeds.

At the second picture you can see me beside my Peony " Lutea Ludlowii ".

I hope, you are well and I wait for your answer.

Your friend from Germany



Dear Rolf,

Thank you for your kind of concern. We are fine.

The earthquake region is 300kilometers far away from us. Yesterday morning, when we were in the office, the flower pot rock suddenly and the light bulbs also rock, just several seconds, the rock was over. One of my colleagues was scared with it who is pregnant for four months.

According the news, the people have dead over 80, and over 800have got hurts in the earthquake region. The loss is really serious. Now many professional people have gone there to rescue to reduce the loss.

The pictures you send to me are very beautiful. Last week, there were a foundation stone laying ceremony in our Zhongchuan Peony Nursery. Our company will built a temple in our nursery. All my colleagues and me took pictures with the Living Buddha. It’s said that together with living Buddha can bring good luck and keep good health. I would like to share the picture with you. Could you find me out?

With best regards,


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