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Nice Package

Denmark friend Sept.2014

I have received the package. The tree peony plants in the package looks very healthy.

Healthy Plants

UK friend Oct.2014

I have just got the shipment from local post office. The post office staff called me yesterday to inform me the package. All the plants are in good shape. Thank you very much!


Cold Resistant

Germany friend May. 2014

We do suffer last year of bad night freezing days at end of april but the flowers do not care! => They are 100% able for our climate and late frost is no issue! The smell is at mornig intensive and absolutly great. I suppsose a 1/3 at afternoon

Customer’s Words

American friend Oct. 2014

I have been growing tree peony seeds for many years and have some blooming that I grew from seed. But I have never had P. Rockii seeds before. I'm sure that they will do well. They were really nice looking seeds - so big and fat! Thank you for staying in touch with me, Zoe. I hope to be able to buy plants from you next year.