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Chinese tree peony plants
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Customer Reviews

1. Good Package


all plants are labeled

all ordered sorts where in the package good condition

very good packed, each plant single

most sorts as strong plants and with good roots

I’m very impressed and very pleased—many thanks to you and your staff!

2. Good Carton

I wanted to make sure I let you know the plants arrive. The USDA APHIS came out and inspected them and gave them a clean bill. Thank you for your customs advice.

3. Blossom Season

Dear Irene,

the peonies are blossoming! They are growing well and the flowers are big. I enjoy this beautiful life. Thank you very much.

 4. Good Peony  Seeds

Thanks for your inquiry, they arrived very well.

The peony seeds are really good. And the Chinese peonies I bought last year are growing well.