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Which areas are suitable for planting Rockii Peony?

Rockii Peony is very frost-hardy, suitable for planting in all cold areas. The cultivation latitude has been shifted to 53 degrees North latitude; it can resist low temperatures (-43 ℃).

1. Can I visit your farm? Where are you located?
Gansu zhong chuan peony nursery  is a wholesale nursery and retail mail-order operation located in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. Every customer is welcome to visit our farm. Please kindly contact us before coming
2. When should I place an order? 
You are welcome to place orders all year round. But we would like you to place your order early, because for some varieties we only have limited supply, they may be sold out if you place orders too late. We reserve plants for earlier orders firstly.
As for fresh cut flower, the shipping time is from March to May. If you place orders in June, the flowers have to be shipped next spring.
As for peony roots, the shipping time is September to next February. Please kindly note.
3. How to order peony?
Please kindly send an e-mail to info@china-plants.com  for a new catalogue with price list. You can choose the varieties you like, and feedback to us. We will arrange delivery as soon as possible after we get payment.
4. Can you give me guarantee that the peony roots I receive is the same as the picture on your website?
In our nursery, each variety grows in specific area and we will put a label on the plants once the plants are dug out. It helps to distinguish different peony varieties. Welcome to visit our nursery and check our video on youtube.com.
5. What is the minimum quantity?
We are a peony wholesaler. The minimum quantity is 500 plants.
But we also retail internationally.
6.How to arrange payment?
We accept cash, paypal, check, L/C, or international wire transfers by bank.
7.Is there any discount?
Yes, there is. We welcome orders all year round. But if you place an order before July, we can offer you 5% discount. We can prepare peony roots for our consumers in advance, which will decrease our workload during September an October. And our consumers can buy good quality peony roots with less cost.
8.What is about your package and shipping?
our peony packed carton with moss , we usually used EMS and DHL
9. How long can the peony roots survive in delivery without damage?
Peony stops growing in fall and enter dormancy stage in September. Poeny plant root can survive two months in cooler container.
10. How can you give a confidence that the plants reach here healthy without any damage?
 We promise our peony roots are healthy and pack the peony roots in a paper-made container with moss which can keep the root moist and avoid shake during delivery.

11. What guarantee can be provided to us that the colors we order will be the same once they grow and flower?
We only sell true to name peony to our customers. We put a label on each of peony plants. Please kindly keep them on.  If the peony blooms with different color in next spring, Please take a picture of wrong color and send it to us. We will check and if color is wrong we resent the peony roots to you for free next fall.