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Gansu Zhongchuan Peony Industry Co., Ltd is located in Northwest China, Gansu province, Lanzhou city. Headquarters are established by the Gaoke office building services in Lanzhou high-tech development zone. There are six entities, including 170 hectares for “China Northwest Herbaceous Peony Gene Bank” and the "Tree Peony Garden" located at 103.6 degrees East longitude, 36.4 degrees North latitude and 2000 meters elevated from Lanzhou airport in the South of the Alpine region. It is presently the largest watch park and germplasm for herbaceous Peony in Western China. It is also the world's largest Mountain Peony fine seed-breeding center.

The Company takes full advantage of the world's only resource of wild mountain Peony offered by the alpine areas in Gansu. After many years of screening and training, it launched more than 100 cultivars which at -43 ℃ in low-temperature environment of  natural winter can stay intact without artificial protection, proposed the slogan of development ”so that cold places in the whole world  have the beautiful open Gansu Peony".

Not only bear the construction tasks of "Northwest China herbaceous Peony gene bank" designated by the State Forestry Bureau, but also at the same time a number of issues such as the commitment of Gansu Province ”cultivate new varieties of Gansu Peony“, ”technical studies on the northward movement of Peony“, etc.

Success was obtained from researches and experiments on Peony hardiness in the coldest areas of Northeast China and Xinjiang that in the history have never been exposed to Peony planting.

Watch model gardens of frost-resistant Peony were established in the Northeast of Changchun, Shenyang and Harbin, consecutively, with Changchun Peony Garden and Shenyang botanical Peony Garden being the most spectacular gardens.

Reality has changed the historical impossibility of growing Peony in cold regions, and Gansu Peony planting shifted the limit of North latitude from 42 degrees to 53 degrees, extended the temperature of cold resistance from -30 ℃ to -43 ℃. This also doubled the scope of Chinese Peony cultivation, and created a tremendous impact on the pattern of Peony cultivation in China and the world.

With an annual production of 100,000 Dahlia, a large quantity began to be sold in a number of countries; Dahlia is also an exhibition product of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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